Event Safety as the key for Event Market Analysis

Based upon Comprehensive Guide for Event Production and Organisation in the Czech Republic created by Event Safety Lab collective and guest contributors.

International content edited by Carl AH Martin | March 2018

State authority is to serve all citizens and may be asserted only in cases, within the bounds, and in the manner provided for by law. All citizens may do that which is not prohibited by law; and nobody may be compelled to do that which is not imposed upon them by law.

Article 2 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic

Art and culture need the greatest possible freedom in order to flourish.

prof. Monika Grütters, Ministry of Culture of Federal Republic of Germany

Keywords:  Event, Organisation, Legality, Safety, Liability, Regulations, Technical norms, Court verdicts, Labour, Fire safety, Venue, Music, Economics, Society, Authorities, Festival,  Promoter, Tourism, Czech Republic.

Topics in Each Chapter


The Czech Comprehensive Guide, for event production and organisation, was created with the support of Czech Fire Brigade General Management – Ministry of Interior, which also actively consulted editing of parts related to fire prevention and fire safety. Contributors to the project include professors from Czech Technical University in Prague and Technical University in Ostrava. Subject of the analysis is mainly legal provisions connected to the event production. Special emphasis is dedicated to the CZ live music industry, which is often used as an example.

It is the first complex event safety analysis coming from and being aimed at a country in the former Eastern Bloc. The Czech Comprehensive Guide is based on an analysis of the market, legal and social environment, technical norms and common practices. The subject of analysis is more than 180 of international, national and local regulations or norms. It also mentions some of the relevant legal verdicts by CZ high courts.


I . Local market

Every event is organised in a certain time and place and therefore it reflects the current socio-economic situation, so it is necessary, when applying event safety theories, to do so with consideration of local market potentials and possibilities. This chapter includes CZ market size (revenue and number of events) and development, graphs, tables with overview of estimated ticket sales revenues plus profits and losses of selected promoters incl. Live Nation Czech Republic, Pragokoncerts, Fource, Cham Music, D Smack U and festival promoters of Colours of Ostrava, Rock for People, Brutal Assault, Trutnoff Festival  and more. Arenas are excluded.

II. Event and Safety Theory

Any event which is taking place is happening somewhere where physical laws apply and is shaped from one side by destination and from another by time. By this definition we can very precisely extract in what environment the event was, is or will take place. Every event is affected by given demographical and sociological, economical and legal circumstances

Safety is a speciality in connection with event organization, but it remains unclear if all involved understand safety in the same way and with the same expectations. The CZ Comprehensive Guide therefore came up with a theory of understanding the term safety in the event industry, based upon the probable natural background of the persons involved

III. Good practices and legal practices

The event industry has many discussions about good practices for event production and event manufacture. It seems to be a common mistake to give good practice higher emphasis than ‘expert’ information value.

IV. Findings

The CZ Comprehensive Guide has made several important findings during the regulation and common practices analysis. Abstracts from these findings are listed below with highlighted international circumstances.

– A. Labour

Any labour performed in the Czech Republic is subject to the Czech laws and regulations to include work performed by foreign non-CZ workers. Possible contractual provisions between local promoter and international production, such as agreement in their contracted relation to another country’s law, apply only to executing the contract itself but not to the execution of the actual work. The analysis of labour issue can be segmented into separate questions of labour law, employment law, and safety related to works space and labour occupation.

– B. Protection of Life, Health and Welfare

Protection of Life, Health and Welfare at live events is mainly domain of the fire protection authorities, construction authorities, municipality, promoter and the visitor to the event. State defines the role of the fire protection authorities in order to create rules and regulations which address the duties of the state institutions, juridical and physical persons and competence of the fire protection authority itself.

– C. Venue

In the Czech Republic use of any venue is related either to the use of land or to the use a building or a structure, which is placed upon a land. The CZ construction law does not recognize the very existence of CZ event industry which produces several thousands of structures and related projects every year, which is worth several billions of Czech crowns and which can be counted as among the biggest employers in the country. Nevertheless the law of Spatial planning and Building Regulations, shortly known as the construction law applies In all cases.

– D. Land Districts, Municipalities, noise, public order

Municipalities have a special place in the Czech event industry. They can act as an authority and, through its departments, as a state surveillance authority, venue lessor to include public spaces and indoor spaces, provider of the public funding, event promoter or co-promoter and a public safety and public order guarantor, collector of city tax and so on.

– E. Business Environment and the edge of the festival tourism

The CZ Comprehensive Guide is briefly introducing the economical and business environment of the CZ to complete the 360 point view on event production. In the search for definitions CZ Comprehensive Guide was examining what a musical event is in the eye of the law and points out legal similarities to tourism. Additionally the CZ Comprehensive Guide is stressing the importance of producing events according to the rules for promoters who are receiving support from public funds.

V. Conclusions

The event business is calling itself an industry. Every industry is being regulated, every industry, in case it desires to grow is a subject to analysis and research. Possibly in the meantime it would come to a thought that, if we are living in the event industry era, what would come in the post-industrial age ?

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