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Terms of use: for the Comprehensive Guide for event production and organisation in the Czech Republic (CZ CG) distributed Albertov s.r.o. Jaurisova 515/4, CZ – 140 00 Praha 4 – Michle VAT: CZ 241 42 239 (distributor), who acts in the name and on behalf of Event Safety Lab collective (Author)

(further „Terms“)

from 1. 3. 2018


  1. General provisions and terminology
  2. User account
  3. Access to content
  4. Contracting and payment terms
  5. Copyrights – licensing
  6. Protection of personal data
  7. Other provisions


1: General provisions and terms

  1. Following Terms of  Albertov s.r.o. corporation, adress Jaurisova 515/4, 140 00 Praha 4 – Michle, VAT: CZ 241 42 239 acting in the name and on behalf of  Event Safety Lab collective („provider“) are editing rights and duties between provider and user in connection to providing and use of services described below
  2. User of a service described below can be competent physical or legal person, who have created user account on the providers wed page.
  3. As Service is understood time wise unlimited use of free content of CZ CG as well as time wise limited paid use of selected paid content of CZ CG. The service is delivered to the user by the provider for users addressed personal use only. The use of the CZ CG account is not allowed to be signed over to another user. The service is delivered via internet or optionally by another electronic way to including the use of related rights and services within these Terms.
  4. As CZ CG is understood a collection of digital giles with specific content in some of special formats which corresponds with software product or hardware reading device. CZ CG is a comment on valid Czech legal and technical norms and court verdicts which is related to event organization a placing those norms into wider socio-economic local and international reality.
  5. Provider is offering and serving the service at internet pages www.czevent.eu (web), which is executed by Event Safety Lab collective in via selected administrator. Terms include rules for use of the web and related adjustment of legal relationship between concerned parties.

2: User account

  1. User has rights to use the service delivered by the provider on web only with the precondition, that a user account is created. User account will be created by the provider for free upon registration datas given by the user. Free user account holder has a right to use the freely available content of the web within these Terms. Free user account can be upgraded to paid content according to providers instructions. User is logging-in to the free content after setting up an account with name, surname, email address and chosen password. User is logging in to paid content after the payment has been done after setting up an account with name, surname,  email address, chosen password, user name and automatically generated verification code, which will be sent to mobile phone number or email address provided by the user.
  2. User is obliged to update contact details and provider is obliged to allow the user to change contact details mainly in email address and mobile phone number if provisions in article II point 3 to 6 are adhered to.
  3. The user is obliged to access the paid content only for sole personal use and is aware, that the provided service always corresponds only to a single user. In the event the user is a legal corporation, than it applies, that a single paid access is allowing for the use of paid content only one physical person, which is for this purpose pre-selected by the corporation. The provider carry no responsibility for the use of user account, user name or password by a third party.
  4. In the case that a user account, user name, mobile phone number or a password has been abused, the user is committed to inform the service provider via email without a delay. The provider will block the account following such a claim.
  5. The user is aware that in relation to the service provider is obliged to fulfil commitments made through his user account or with his user name and password by a third party.
  6. The user is aware that in case of the breech of provisions of the contracted services to include these terms is the provider of the service allowed to withdraw from the contract with the user and terminate the user account or limit the users access to the users account. The provider is especially allowed to limit the use of the user account in the event, when the user of CZ CG is any way tampering with copyrights or is threatening a technical protection of the CZ CG or when the user is changing the contact details for the purpose of sharing the content with higher number of users than contracted. In the event the provider withdraws from the contract due to causes specified above after the payment for accessing the paid content was executed, than the provider has the right to keep the payment as a fine for breech of the Terms. The provider is prior to withdrawal from the contract obliged to first limit the access to the user account and ask the user per email to sustain the situation. An exception is allowed for causes when the technical integrity of the CZ CG is threatened. In such a case is the provider allowed to withdraw from the contract, delete the user account immediately and keep any payments as a contractual fine. Possible damage claims are not effected. The user will be informed per email sent to users email address about reasons for withdrawal from contract and user account termination.
  7. User is aware that the provider is allowed for a necessary amount of time interrupt without refunds the access to the content and user account due to technical upgrade or system maintenance.
  8. The contract for the use of paid content is agreed for the duration of 12 month from the day of payment.

3. Access to Content

  1. By access to the CZ CG content is understood paid mediation to the work content in electronic way via www.czevent.eu through the user account as per licence for selected content.
  2. The user is aware, that reading of the CZ CG requires software and hardware. The service provider is not liable for ineffectiveness of CZ CG use caused by the users insufficient technical and software device.
  3. The user is aware and is committed to respect, that CZ CG offered by the service provider is Adobe protected and with watermark. Any breech of attempted breech into listed or similar ways of content protection is deemed in accordance to the valid legislation as a breech of law by the user and the service provider will use all available legal instruments to protect the content from unauthorized use.
  4. The user is allowed to use the service only in an agreed way, avoiding especially interference with the software of the provider and rights of other users and copyrights related to the www.czevent.eu web. Unauthorized user action is mainly the application of mechanism, programmes and actions, which could effect the existence and function of the web.
  5. The user is aware, that the provider has no liability and responsibility for the use of public data network nor for the state of its software and hardware devices.
  6. The user is not allowed to print nor copy the CZ CG nor its part and it forbidden to convert any part of the CZ CG into another data format.


4: Contracting and Payment terms

  1. Contractual parties, the user and provider, are aware, that the contract for providing service specified in the article 1. is closed when a) the user account for entering the free content will be confirmed b) the payment for paid content of the CZ CG is delivered to the providers account. The user is allowed to use the paid content of the CZ CG only after the paymento for the service was received by the provider.
  2. The user will pay designated price for paid content of the CZ CG by using a credit card at PayPal payment gate.
  3. The price includes VAT, where applicable and prices for various content are listed individually.
  4. The price for accessing and using the CZ CG content variates according to the selected service.
  5. No user can withdraw from the contract for providing paid content of the CZ CG once the contract has been closed according to § 1837 letter l) of Czech civil law.


5: Licensing

  1. The user is aware that the CZ CG as well as its parts available at the providers web are subject to copyrights and as such are protected by copyright legislation. The user is aware, that mainly in the copyrights consequence, is not allowed to use the CZ CG in another way, than is listed in these Terms. The user is nit allowed to use the CZ CG for other than personal use, further distribution, copy, lease, lend, exhibit or share with public or any other way provide to third parties. The service provider is providing a licence as non-exclusive without territorial limitation, unless stated otherwise.
  2. The user is aware, that in the during the use of the web or optionally downloading, the copyrights needs to be respected and the user is committed to avoid any collision and interference with the copy and author rights.
  3. The user is aware, that avoiding the copy right protection might result in the prosecution according to the law.
  4. The CZ CG has been created by collective of authors Event Safety Lab, which is the owner of copyrights and guest contributors, who are holders of copyrights to their text. The CZ CG is Adobe protected and with watermark.


6: Protection of personal data

  1. The user agrees by accepting these terms to process personal datas according to Czech Republic (EU) national legislation (law nr. 101/2000), mainly name, surname, email address and mobile phone number, if requested.
  2. The user agrees that the provider will process the personal data or that the provider will dedicated a professional third person to act on providers behalf.
  3. Personal data will be processed accordingly in order to full fill the contract between service provider and user.
  4. The user can withdraw the approval for processing personal data in writing sent to providers contact email. The user is aware that it is not possible to provide the service of CZ CG without processing personal datas listed in these Terms. The service and the user account will be terminated upon receiving a withdrawal from an approval  for processing personal data. In the event such a withdrawal is made for a paid content, than the whatever payments made will be held as a cancellation fee and no refunds will be made the user


7: Other provisions

  1. The legal relation between service distributor acting in the name and on behalf the author and the user are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the Czech Republic.
  2. The user is aware, that the provider and distributor is allowed to change the Terms and CZ CG content mainly in connection technology development. The user is aware that the author is allowed to change the content mainly in connection to new technology and scientific research avails, change in legislation and court verdicts. The author is allowed to move free content to paid content.
  3.  The English text is based upon Comprehensive guide for Event Production and Organisation in the Czech Republic, written for the purpose to serve as a base for public discussion. The text below is an overview of an environment and any application on real event has to be a subject to specific case study. Event Safety Lab, the distributor, editors, authors, contributors  or other parties involved carry no responsibility for applying information below on any event organisation and production anywhere in the world, nor are responsible for any profits or losses or other commercial impacts. Readers are solemnly responsible for any decisions made in the field of production and organization of their own events or events they work for or for any decision, in which a specific event is concerned. The following text is dedicated only to those readers, who are capable of forming their own critical opinions on a received information.
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